The Casselman Ancestral Society hss built a Casselman genealogical database of numerous family links. Casselman genealogist, both deceased and still living, have already contributed a vast amount of information to this database. They include Daniel Casselman, Clarence Cross, Lynne Cook and John Casselman, who have included their extensive Casselman family data.

It is said that there are 22 variations of the Casselman name found in the records in the Mohawk Valley, New York. The three most common spellings are Casselman, Castleman, and Casselmann. Many others can befound in such forms as Caselman, Cassalman, Cassellman, Casselmannin, Casselmans, Cassleman, Castelman, Castelman, Cosselman, Kaselman, Kasselman, Kassleman, Kassiman, Kasslmen, Kastelman, Keaselman, Keasselman, Kossiman and Kossleman. If you know of another variant of the family name, the Casselman Ancestral Society would appreciate being advised.

Family members are requested to submit their family tree for inclusion in this database. The data you provide can be submitted in one of three ways: by returning the printed form by regular mail, or by providing an electronic version by way of an e-mail attachment or a file copied to floppy diskette.

Genealogical queries can be submitted to the Casselman Ancestral Society. There are two genealogists to handle these queries. They will conduct research for a fee. The fee will depend upon the nature of the query and the amount of research required. Lynne Cook handles Canadian queries while Daniel Casselman looks after American queries.

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