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Adelshofen, Germany

The city nests in the Neckar River Valley of Germany, east of Munich and is the european ancestral home of most north American. Adelshofen is an ancient feudal town, built around a water castle, dating back to 1287, owned and ruled by the Knights of Neipperg. It was the home of Hanns Casselmann, who lived there prior to 1605. Most North American Casselmans trace their ancestry directly back to the early Casselmanns of Adelshofen. In 1709, with other people of the Palatine region, including Rorabach of nearby Hilsbach, the families of Hans Dietrich and Christian Casselmann left Adelshofen, travelled down the Rhine and to "the Island" (New World).

In 1987, several members of the Society travelled to Germany to participate in the commemorations of the town's 700th anniversary. Approximately 100 North American Casselmans attended and participated in the celebrations, met Count Neipperg, a descendant of their feudal lords; descendants of their ancestral neighbours, Seitz; of their relatives, Gomer; and of their fellow 1709 emigrants, Weidtknecht, who also returned from North America for the celebrations. At the same time, German members of the family held a Casselmann Family Treffen.

Map of Germany

Adolfhofen: Origin of Suffrenus and Wilhelmus Casselman